About Us

Acoustilytix is a young company dedicated to using advanced automated analysis of vocalizations to expand the impact of research studies and streamline research workflows. We did not get here by ourselves, and we want to acknowledge our village:

  • The intellectual property that fuels our product, Acoustilytix USV, was developed by Cornerstone Research Group (www.crgrp.com), where critical research was funded by NIMH of the National Institutes of Health under award number R41MH121119
  • The Acoustilytix LLC company is a product of Rushlight Ventures, a company dedicated to monetizing and commercializing new technologies.
  • Ongoing support from Neutral Space LLC keeps some of our hair from turning grey

We have big plans for our future! While Acoustilytix USV is currently only available to collaborating research groups for ongoing product optimization, stay tuned for an upcoming FREE TRIAL where the first 10 research groups to sign up can get limited-time free use of our commercial-grade, ready for prime time Acoustilytix USV product!  Interested?  Send us your info via our contact page.